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Hi loves. How are we doing today? Any "oh crap it's Monday again how did that happen?" anxiety? Hope not. I am firmly planted in the couch in our living room. Like this.

Yes yes I know that my pants are dreadful but I assure you I almost never leave the house in them.

Yeah, so that's what's going on at the moment. But fret not I have left the house today. I've been to get my tickets for Oslo (going there tomorrow for the second interview, I did tell you that right?) and at the unemployment agency to sort out a problem with the activity rapport thing one has to do online these days (my stupid bank ID doesn't work). Not the most amusing activities sure but a girl'a gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So...that's about it I guess. And if you're wondering why I have been sort if distant the last week or so (when I promised I wouldn't be) it's because I'm sort of nervous about the whole will I get the job or not thing and I don't want to just go on and on about that. When I know (probably tomorrow or Wednesday) it (aka my life) will all be a little more interesting.

Yup, and now I really am finished blabbering. We will talk later or tomorrow or whenever. Have a great day darlings.

The job-hunt

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So as you might or might not know, I was in Norway yesterday for a job interview. And by Norway I mean Oslo, which is about two and a half hours away from Trollhättan by bus (it took longer when I lived in Lund in the south of Sweden) and therefore barely can be counted as going to another country. The culture is the same, the language (which I love by the way, Norwegian is such a cosy language) is about the same and the climate is most definitely the same. Except for the fact that it was actually a little bit warmer in Oslo yesterday.

Anyways, about the interview. It went really well. So well that I get to come back next week on another interview. I'm very pleased. The job is in sales, which is new for me of course and a bit scary, but it seems like a great position and it's something I would really like to be good at (and that I think I could be good at) so I'm really hoping that they will give me a chance. If there is one thing that the stay at Disney taught me above all the rest it is that one has to take chances in life, just jump out in to the unknown determined to make the best of it. Because that's how you grow, as an employee but first and foremost as a person.
I'm not going to tell you more about the company or such things, because that feels like jinxing it a little too much (that'll come if I get hired), so I think we can stop here and I suppose we'll see on Tuesday how it all goes. I'm going to finish my third mug of morning coffee now (yes, I am fully aware that I might have overdone it a little in the caffeine department but what can I say, I like coffee). We'll talk later. Have a great day.

Stortinget. Which is like the...government building? Yeah, I suppose one could call it that.

A good place to be in

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Hello darlings. How are we today? Good I hope, as always (because, you know since I am in a much better place with myself these days I spend quite a great deal of energy hoping that others are too - happy I mean). I am. It's a rather normal Tuesday in a lot of ways, but in one in particular it's not. Or something. It's not quite as eventful as all that, but non the less it's something I thought I'd share. Because sharing is caring. Gosh that was corny. But whatever. Moving on.
I told you about the interview I had to other day. No news there yet, I'm still waiting and still hoping, but today another company I have applied for a job with called (!). The position is not at all the same one as at the first company, but it seems very interesting too and I'm real happy to have gotten one step further. Tomorrow I am going to Oslo (yes this one is in Norway too, it seems to be impossible for me to stay in Sweden at the moment) for an actual, in person, interview. Feels pretty damn awesome I must say. I have opportunities all of a sudden, and that is more than I thought just a week ago. Thanks 2014, you're staring me off in a great way.
Of course, I must admit, this makes me nervous too. Not the interview itself, I am actually pretty great with interviews, but the fact that I know potentially have two chances to loose. It's a scary thing. On the other hand, doesn't fear let you know that you're on to something important? I think so. And I am a strong person, whatever it might seem like sometimes, so I can handle it. Also, for some reason, I feel like it might be my turn now. So I'm carefully optimistic about the whole thing, one could say to sum it up. Sort of.
And that was it for me. At the moment. Have a great day guys.

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