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Banana pancakes.
1,5-2 bananas (depending on size)
2 eggs

That is all. 
I'm eating it with Turkish yoghurt and berries (and sometimes peanut butter but that's not so healthy so I try not to do that as often). 
It's delicious.

A little party never killed nobody

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Good morning loves. How are we doing this Sunday morning? Are we feeling just the way we deserve? I am happy but a little confused to rapport that I am not very hungover today either (sure a little headache but I took some aspirin as a preventive measure so it will be fine). It's a little odd to be honest, I have been expecting reality to catch up to me since yesterday morning, but of course no one is happier than me if it in face never does. All the fun, none of the reprecussions. 

Yeah, so that's that. In other words, the party last night was fun. There was a lot of wine, a lot of beer and a lot of laughs. Oh and they sang happy birthday to me like three times, so that was nice. I really love my Norwegian family, they are such awesome people. Never expected things to turn out this good, that's one thing that's for sure. Hm...that's all I think. For now. Sofia out.

Full disclosure clause: the wine in the picture does not in face belong to yours truly but was left behind and therefore drunk from at about half past two this night because at that time one absolutely needs to drink red wine straight from the bottle.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

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Good morning darlings. How's your Saturday going so far? Mine is going rather well I must say. We went out for a bit yesterday...or perhaps a little more than a bit, because me and the guys (yup, I partied with the guys, they're really awesome people) came home at like half past three and I think I went to bed at like half past four. But that was not what the point (exactly when I went to bed I mean). The point was that I am up now and not hungover. Which is sort of a victory in itself, and also especially good since we are having a slightly belated birthday party for me here tonight.

Yup, so my plans for the day include buying wine and also shopping for some groceries. In need of bananas, blueberries and Turkish yoghurt. And perhaps eggs. These things are what makes my breakfast you know (it's the smoothie you see in the picture), so they tend to run out rather quickly. Oh and as you might have noticed this being thrifty thing didn't quite happen for me this week. But next week it will, I promise. Really. And now I really must get back to my breakfast before the coffee turns cold. Sofia out.

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