I SHALL have order

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Morning loves. How are you? I'm good. Tired as fuck (which unfortunately can be seen in my face as well, makeup and all), but rather good. It was a fabulous weekend, of course since my family are fabulous people, and it's completely fine to be back at work. It's a ood job you know, it's really just the hours that wears me out a bit (I get up at half past five every day), but I will get used to that too eventually I expect. Or hope. Or expect. I'm not sure it's veyr early in the morning.
Anyways. It's a new week and even though people that do the whole thing "new week new chances" thing annoys me more than a little it's the way I am trying to see it. This week I WILL have order. It's enough with using being tired as an excuse not to work out and eat properly, it's just stupid and does nothing for me either (more than makes me feel even more tired and on top of it a little fat). So yeah, I will work a little extra still though, for the money, but I will also go to the gym after work at least four out of five workdays, for the general fintess level.
That is the plan. And I will see it through. I will have structure if it kills me.
Yup, and that is it. I will get back to playing detective (aka hunting for a social security number that does not want to be found) now. We will talk later darlings. Have a nice one.

The house that built me

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So I thought, since I am in Sweden and all (it's very nice thanks for asking) that we would take a small look at my house here. Well it's my parents' hours of course, but you know what I mean. The place where I grew up (yup, lived in the same place all my childhood), that made me the somewhat awesome person that I am today. Cause it might be fun.

So this is it. (Sorry about the bad weather, couldn't really do much about that.) It's been grey and green and now it's beige. A part of my heart will always live here.

The kitchen. It's not huge but it's very cosy. I like it.

The "small dining room". Or so we call it, it's not like we have any other dining room (honestly we eat in the kitchen or living room most of the time).

The living room. Or we also have a very cosy chair in the corner not seen here, but when taking the photo my mother sat in it and she did not want to be photographed so..). The painting on the small shelf to the left is made by yours truly.

The porch. We put windows in some years ago because let's face it Sweden can be cold as fuck.

Yeah and there are quite a few more rooms of course, like bedrooms and a computer room, but I think this will have to do for now (my bedroom isn't much to see really, quite messy and halfway filled with boxes). I hope you enjoyed this small tour around the Nilsen home. And yes, I do realize this I have photographed a lot of tables.

The motherland

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Hello loves. How are we doing? I'm good. Tired, still at work for about an hour and a half still, but good. Becuase today I'm gonna go home to Sweden. Just for two days, I'll be back in Oslo with my second family on Sunday, but still. At first, I must admit, it felt like something of a hassle, making the journey for such a short time (even if the journey is just two and a half hours long), but now I am rather looking forward to it. I mean I haven't seen my family in two months (excaclty actually, however I did not plan that) and I miss them of course, so..you get it.
I'm even looking forward to the busride. Why? Well because I never really sleep properly anymore (not even on the weekends actually) and so I am sort of tired. And buses are an excellent place to sleep. At least for me. People probably think that I have passed out or something, because I fall asleep in like one minute. Will not think about how it looks though, because even if it feels peaceful I highly doubt that that's the impression the rest of the train/bus/whatever is getting. Not my problem though. When getting the time to sleep, just sleep since there is little less to do, one should really take it. That's a tip from me to you, if you haven't figured it out yourselves already (which you probably have, you're not idiots after all).
Yeah, and now I really should get back to working. A little break is fine, since I only took about ten minutes for lunch, but I think it's gonna have to do now. One wants to come off as professional and dedicated after all. We'll talk later or something. Have a nice one darlings.

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