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Evening loves. What are we up to this Tuesday? I am not doing very much, just hanging out with my roomies, basically. Have not done that the whole day though, if that was what you were thinking. Today I have worked at a daycare center (is that really the word for it? I have pondered this quite a lot but not come up with something better). It's pretty much my main work these days. It was nice, small children really are amazingly cute and not very hard to handle at all.

Yeah and after work I went to the gym (I bought a gymcard yesterday, did I tell you?), which was rather exhausting but still very nice. I have missed the gym, I really have, and of course it helps with the motivation knowing that the summer comes to Norway too in a not so distant future and it's always nice to feel a little more comfortable in a bikini. So...that's about it I suppose. I'm gonna stop rambling now. Sofia out.

Key West.

Home is where the heart is

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Morning darlings. Or maybe not so much morning, but something happened and I slept until half past eleven so I have just finished my breakfast. Yeah, shit happens. It's not too much of a disaster of course, since I don't have work or anything today, but still I would have loved to wake up at least at ten. To have a little bit more day ahead of me I mean.
Yeah, and speaking of day. I have planned to spend mine buying a gym-card, which I have longed for during my whole stay in Oslo (and finally have the economy for), and going grocery shopping, since I have practically nothing in the fridge and starvation is not the way to go even if one wished to lose a couple of kilos. Mhm, so that's my day. In a summary. Also I think I am going to post a little more photos from the vacation here, so that's something to look forward to...hehe. Anyways, I am done rambling now. Gonna take a hold of myself. Sofia out.
Miami beach.


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So as usual I took a lot of pictures (over 300, not that I'm gonna share all of them) during the course of the vacation, and hence I don't think I should try to show you guys everything in one post. Instead I will divide it into parts, since the trip itself sort of was laid out that way. Starting off we're looking at the trip to USA and our days in Miami, since that was our first destination. Sound good? Great. Let's do it then.

These are my cousins. They were excited. Also the plane was bigger than any plane I have been on before, so that was sort of cool.
We called ourselves Viking tours and of course, being us and all, we had our own tour-guide. It had all sorts of interesting information and the dates and places we were going.
And after a little while (aka two plus nine hours on a plane and one taxi ride) we got to Miami Beach, where our hotel was situated. This is what the view from our balcony looked like.
And this is the beach itself.
The boardwalk.
Random place where we all looked at the view. Oh and Stina of course. I hope she won't mind that I posted this photo, because I think it's rather pretty.
We saw this bigass cruise-ship, and all stared like ten hillbillies that had never seen a boat before...
Yeah, and we also visited restaurants, walked though some sort of pride festival and burned ourselves because we were the whitest people in Miami when we got there and didn't quite realize it (well yours truly actually out on sunscreen like everywhere, but I burned nonetheless), but those things are not documented in photos. Also I have a lot more pictures of my family and stuff, but I don't really like posting people on the internet without their consent. So...anyways, that was Miami. Awesome city.

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