May 31st

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Morning darlings. Or well, before you say it, I know that it's not technically morning anymore, but I am having breakfast so therefore it seems appropriate. Got up at about half past eleven, and I must say that it was awesome to sleep in. For once. I can say for once because usually I get up around eight even when I can sleep in, since I am old now and feel perky at that hour. So...

I did not sleep for this long because I am hungover though, I think that should be said. We did go out for a little yesterday, but we got home at about half past one (two?), so you could say that it was a calm evening. But nice though. It's always pleasant to get out of the apartment a little. Must try to do that today too. Get out of the apartment that is, not drink I wine because quite frankly I don't have the cash for that. Yeah...anyways. I'm gonna get back to doing nothing now, we will talk later.

I was gonna tell you but I can't find words strong enough

Publiserat 2014-05-30 16:57:50 i Randoms,

Hi loves. I'm in my way home (thanks NSB for free wifi for the iPad) from my first day at my new job. It was a good one, it seems like a pleasant place to work at and the stuff I have to do is not very complicated at all. Basically I'm making sure that the packages that comes in have a proper costumer ID attached to them and, if they need it, that they also have the social security number of the person that placed the order. I put these things in a computer system that is, it's not like I see any actual packages (or invoices for that matter, I'm working from a desk - just the way I like it because now I can dress up a little bit for work and not worry about my clothes getting ruined). It's easy work, basic, but I think it can be a rather good place to start. So all in all I am very pleased. 

Yeah and now it's the weekend. Again. Not too shabby I must say, working one day and then having two off. Have no idea if I'm doing anything special, but I suppose we will see. I'll keep you posted my darlings. 

Pink people need love too

Publiserat 2014-05-29 20:19:16 i Randoms,

Hi. I'm pink. As you can probably see (I hope or you're blind and that would be most unfortunate and also make it very hard for you to read this blog). And it's not just the face either. It's sort of all over. Mostly face, arms, chest and shoulders though. Very very charming. Good thing there's makeup, since I am starting a new job tomorrow (costumer service at DHL, full time - found out yesterday that I got it, congrats to me) and prefer to get there not looking like a tourist the first days in Thailand. 

Yeah, the reason for the pinkness is that me and Amanda (a friend from my hometown) spend quite a few hours tanning in Frognerparken today, and because we are very smart we did bit bring any sunscreen. Some of my roomies went to a beach, so they are pink too. It's all extremely sophisticated, but at least we're in good company. And at least I have after sun. So it's all good. Maybe this year I will actually get a good tan. Yeah, and that was it. Sofia out.

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