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Published 2014-04-18 14:32:39 in Randoms,

Morning folks, we are going to Orlando! There we have a house for a whole week, it's going to be awesome. Not that I don't love Stina, but sharing a bed with her is getting sort of cramped. We have seen so many great things traveling around but it's good not to have to pack and unpack so much. So yeah, I'm short I am doing very good. And also, as you can probably see, I am getting a lot of freckles. Which, for the record, I love. 

And that was it. We are leaving in ten so I better get ready now. Talk to you later. Sofia out.


Published 2014-04-15 21:56:24 in Randoms,

So this is my view. 

Yeah, so as you night be able to tell I am...well not in paradise but it's pretty damn beautiful that's one thing that's for sure. It's warm as a sauna but as long as I get to go in an airconditioned area every now and then it's aaall good. I mean the view alone is something  extraordinarily, I'm not gonna say that I never thought I would see it because I plan in traveling a lot in my life, but it's something I have certainly never seen before. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mark of a very good vacation.

So...I suppose that was about it. I am currently laying on the grass in the sun waiting for some of our company to get back so we can eat, and that is about it. Which I guess is my cue to stop writing to you as well. Have a great Tuesday darlings. Sofia out.

Viking tours.

Published 2014-04-13 14:20:48 in Randoms,

Good morning from Best Western Atlantic Beach Resort. How are you doing? I am doing rather fabulously, in case you were curious. The trip (that we, in all of our cleverness, have chosen to call Viking tours), is amazing. It's so warm and sunny here (we have all burned, but that comes with the territory, being Swedish and pale and all) and everything is so beautiful. We're all doing amazing, as you might be able to judge by the photos above (I've taken like a million with the camera  it those you will get to see when I get home), the Americans are very friendly and...well it's just over all great.

Yep, and that's about what I had to say at the moment. I'm gonna get back to my vacation now, we'll talk again when... I don't know, when in feel like it I suppose. Have a great Monday loves. Sofia out.

Living the good life

Published 2014-04-10 21:56:41 in Randoms,

Evening fools. I am home. I mean in my first home, the place that raised me. In my parents house in Trollhättan with my awesome family. Actually I have been home for some hours, so I've had time to have dinner, take a shower (very nice not to have to prepare for the shower to run out of warm water actually) and drink some wine. Because now it's vacation time and on vacation you have wine. Very important part. So that's that.

Yeah and I suppose I should go to bed soon because I have to get up at a quarter to six tomorrow, but we will see about that. Not like I can usually go to sleep at a very proper hour I mean, so what should be different this time. It should be fine anyways though because a) I will most likely be too excited to be tired in the morning and b) if I am tired I have a lot of time to sleep when on the plane. So yeah, it's all good. In fact it's all amazing. And that is all. Sofia out.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

Published 2014-04-10 11:20:36 in Randoms,

Morning loves. Sorry about the radio silence, yet one more time. I really will try to be better, because I know that it's boring to read a blog that doesn't get updated at least once a day, but it is probably going to be after the trip because naturally I will not have a) time to blog when I am in vacation b) wifi all over the place. A couple of photos will probably come though, I think. Just to keep you all updated...or something along those lines.

Yeah, and that's of course the big topic of the day. THE TRIP! It's tomorrow! Finally! We have waited and waited and waited for what feels like an eternity now and the day is really here now. It's going to be just amazing, I am sure of it. I'm almost packed, the bus for Trollhättan leaves at ten to four this afternoon, and I am pretty sure I am ready. And that's about all that I had to say for now. We will talk later darlings, when I think of something else more or less interesting to say. Sofia out.

Yes I am really this pale. Probably a little paler even since the photo is edited and stuff. But that's me and it will hopefully change he next two weeks. Let's consider this a before-picture.

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~ Franklin P. Jones

Published 2014-04-07 20:39:59 in Work,

Evening loves. How are we doing? I'm doing well. A little bit of a headache (I suspect the children has given me a cold because they all have runny noses) but nothing bad. I'm currently sitting in the kitchen drinking some Pepsi Max and watching soccer with the guys. It's calm and rather nice.

Yeah and my day has been fine too in case you were curious. I worked at a daycare center today too, they woke me up this morning and even though that particular detail wasn't so much fun (I really hate stressing in the morning) I'm happy to get to work some. All money in is good money you know, and of course it's good work as well because let's face it who doesn't love little kids? The youngest I took care of today was born in the end of January last year and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a small child. And oh so cute. So...I suppose that was it. I am working tomorrow too so I suppose well talk in the evening. Sounds like a plan. Sofia out.
The picture is from google, obviously I can't photograph the kids I work with.

Work & Play

Published 2014-04-06 14:22:19 in Randoms,

Greetings fools. How's your Sunday going so far? Mine is going rather well. I've been on a walk with one of my roomies, had lunch and now I'm having coffee (no surprise there). Have no further plans for the day I don't think, will probably just chill at home (almost all of Oslo is closed so..), but I'm pretty fine with that. It's Sunday after all, it's a day to take it easy and rest up for the week to come.

Yeah and if you by any chance was wondering where I have been all weekend the answer is working, and not sleeping at all. See I went to a restaurant with the boys on Friday, then we went to a pub and when we came home it was like three. When we realized what the time was it was like four. And to reach work in time I had to get up at about a quarter to five. To fix this problem I decided not to go to sleep. Period. So I worked from half past six to half past two and then I went home in slow motion and went to sleep. It wasn't something I would recommend, but it worked and after having taken a rather long nap I felt like a person again. 

Yup, that's my weekend. About. Over all it has been good. And that's what I had to say. We will talk later. Have a nice one.

Smile because it happened

Published 2014-04-03 16:33:33 in Randoms,

Afternoon fools. How are we? I am tired and look like I have played in the sand, which I in fact have, but really good. Work was awesome, the children where oh so small and oh so cute and that makes up for all being tired in the world. Still looking forward to a shower and a nap though, I'm not gonna lie about that (really didn't want to believe that it was true when I heard the alarm at six fifteen this morning). Yeah and for now that was it. I'm getting of the metro (or whatever one should call it) now and going almost straight home (just need some small stuff in the store). Talk later. Sofia out.



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