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September 1st

Published 2014-09-01 06:59:37 in Oslo, Life in general,

We have reached September loves. It's officially autumn. And it came crazy fast. Not that I'm complaining, I love autumn, it's just fascinating, the way time moves. I've been in Norway in more than sevens months now, and it has gone by so quickly. At the same time January/February, when we all moved in and no one really knew each other, seem like a lifetime ago. Can't quite explain that one, but don't really feel a need to either. That's just the way it is I guess. It doesn't really matter anyway, because it's not important how we got here but rather that we are here. I have high hopes for this fall, it's gonna be a great season, and I'm quite sure that I'm not hoping in vain.

The feeling of starting something new is always strong in the fall, and today, when all the universities start (last September was the first one since I was five  that I didn't start a new semester at school you know) and I'm sitting here in Oslo waiting for a late train, the feeling is no different. The need to make big changes, however, is. I wouldn't change a thing. I'm perfectly, honestly, happy exactly where I am. And that, darlings, is a feeling I have waited quite a few years for. It's freedom, genuin peacefulness, and it's rather amazing.

Doing your civic duty

Published 2014-08-30 16:03:42 in Randoms,

Voting is not just a right and a privilege, it's also a duty. This I firmly believe, a world view that a no doubt have inherited from my parents, and so I have been to vote today. It wasn't a hard choice really, picking the party that got my vote. I've known since I was very young what kind of society I want for myself and for everyone I love. It's a matter of ideologies for me. So yeah, it took me like five minutes. (And in case someone is curious and because I don't think it's a secret: the social democrats gets my vote. I'm a socialist at heart,always  will be.)

Yup, and that's that for now. I'm gonna get back to mine now and let you guys get back to yours. We will talk later.

09:20 - Oslo, Norway

Published 2014-08-30 09:21:07 in Randoms,

Morning folks. How are we doing? I'm good. Woke up at eight, as usual on Saturdays, and guess what I am currently doing..? If you guessed sitting in the kitchen, you guessed right. I'm gonna get a hold of myself soon tough, because I'm going voting today and I m not gonna show up there looking like...well me. 

Anyways. Yesterday me and Natalie and the guy she's seeing (plus some more people) went to drink cheep bear at Ringnes. Because we're such beer people I mean. Yeah.. It was fun. Calmer for some (me) than others, but fun. I didn't want to be hungover today so I didn't have a whole lot, and the goal was achieved. No hangover.

Yup, and that was that. I'm gonna...well continue to hang out in the kitchen I guess. We will talk later. Have a nice one folks.

On track

Published 2014-08-27 15:45:44 in Randoms,

Afternoon noobs. How are we? I'm on my way home from work. Well technically I'm going to the gym before I go home (today I have to), but you get what I mean. I'm quite tired and gave a slight headache, but it's gonna have to be fine. Perhaps a little exercise will help, she says hopefully. Eh...yeah. I'm gonna take a train nap now, we will talk later.

Let's not think about yesterday

Published 2014-08-27 06:15:07 in Randoms,

Morning loves. Sorry about the radio silence yesterday, but I was in a real pissy mood all day and thought it best not to comment on it. Yeah...had a headache all day, got home and was all mad at poor Joel and Andreas for a small thing (sorry guys) threatened never to clean again if people don't start buying toiletpaper and...well you get what I'm talking about. Not in the best mood.

Anyways, today it's a lot better though, so that's good. It's also Wednesday, so that means that when today is done is very close to the weekend (it will be a calm one, I think we all and possible mostly me need that). Awesome. We have reorganized the system at work a bit too, in a way that I think will be a lot better, and that's starting today which is a positive thing. 

So...that was it I think. I'm gonna focus on my breakfast now, but we will probably talk later. Have a nice one folks.

What's done is done, I don't wanna talk about it

Published 2014-08-25 21:17:17 in Randoms,

Evening. How are we? I'm good. Tired, and with a slight hint of an headache, but good. Sitting in the kitchen lazying around as per usual. The workday went by surpringly fast actually, despite me being the most tired woman in Oslo (probably), so I suppose that can be called the positive part of this Monday. That and the fact that we got a new wifi today, and I got another closet (Patricia got one too). He can if he want to, our landlord.

Yeah actually I don't think I had a whole lot more to say. I'm gonna talk to Natalie now. Have a nice evening folks and at least try to get to bed at a decent hour (I never frickin manage). We will talk tomorrow.


Published 2014-08-25 07:30:33 in Randoms,

Morning morons. How are we? I've had easier mornings. And by that I mean that I'm insanely tired (which you would see way too clearly if I hadn't worn sunglasses). Not quite back on track yet I suppose. 

Yesterday was hangover city in our home. Some (ehrm..) was worse off than others, but I'd say that the general atmosphere was a rather tired one. Still it was one hell of a party though, so it was absolutely worth it. Yup. And now I'm at work so I guess I should try to focus.




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