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The rest is still unwritten

Published 2014-07-31 15:50:57 in Randoms,

Afternoon darlings. What are you doing? I'm train bound writing this, on my way back from work. Gonna go to the gym and then home, and that's that plans for what remains of this Thursday. Enough I'd say, it's a work day after all and since I'm gonna start at six thirty tomorrow so that I can take weekend a little earlier in the day I really have to try to get it bed at a decent hour.

Anyways. It's been a rather good day. It's a lot at work, as usual, but I prefer that and it makes time go by a lot faster so it's all good. And since working is about all I have done today so far I don't have a lot more to add. We'll talk. Sofia out.

Ps. About the picture. A) Yes mum my hair us suppose to look like this, I think it's cool. B) It's chilly enough for a scarf this afternoon and I must say that I love it.

Ps2. I take it back, it's not chilly at all in Oslo. Apparently that was only the countryside.

If I could just let go, I would

Published 2014-07-30 21:19:04 in Randoms,

Evening loves. How are you doing? I'm good. I'm sitting in the window in the kitchen, chatting with Natalie and enjoying a much needed and appreciated breeze (yup, we're still having well above normal temperatures - I think it's getting better though, luckily because I know someone who was at risk of going even more crazy than she already is). I'd like to have coffee but after finally having achieved a normal body temperature I don't think I'm gonna risk it. Hopefully the caffeine levels are high enough for me not to wake up with the headache from hell. Because that happens.
Anyways, it's been a tired day. A very tired day. Slept like a baby on the train too work, on the train from work and for about an hour when I came home from work, and I'm still not even a little bit not sleepy. Hello and welcome to my life. Yeah...
On a positive note though, Stina is coming to visit this weekend! Well actually mum, dad and Stina is coming, but she's staying until Sunday. And they are bringing a bureau! But mostly I'm happy that she's gonna be here of course, just a little that I'm gonna have my own space for all my stuff. We're gonna have so much fun, she's never been to Oslo so I'm gonna take her...well everywhere. (Open letter to stina: bring good walking shoes!) Good shit. One ends stuff to look forward to in life they say.
Yeah and now I really am done. We will talk tomorrow loves.

It's about me

Published 2014-07-29 22:03:26 in Randoms,

It's nobody else. Ever. It's my choices, my reasons, and just because I don't realize it when I do it doesn't mean that that's not true. I'm beginning to see something, I think it's a bit hasy around the corners. That it's all about me. I have no power over the feelings or actions of others, not really; I only have power over what I do. And maybe I sometimes do things for all the wrong reasons, without understanding it at that moment. So it wasn't his fault back then, and it's not that people don't want to understand . It's me, because I let myself get into things expecting them to fail so when they ultimately do, I have gotten what I always expected.

It's no coincidence that I am here today. I am truly and amazingly happy that I am, that must be made clear because it's the only thing I want you to remember if you can only hold on to one, but it's also obvious that there are things I still need to work on. To develop, to look into even if I actually hate to do that because I want to pretend that everything I still can't do doesn't exist. And I will. Or at least I will try, that much I can promise. Because that much I am sure of.

Behind enemy lines

Published 2014-07-28 20:49:21 in Randoms,

Evening folks. Oslo is still standing (knock-on-wood). I'm still standing. Currently sitting in the window in the kitchen making smalltalk with whomever come out here. It's a little warm, our kitchen always is, but over all much nicer than sitting alone in my room. I used to like being alone, I mean really like it, but nowadays I find it boring after like an hour. Suppose that's what happens when you live with so much people. You get used to never having to be by yourself if you don't want to.

Anyways. It's been a rather long Monday.  Got sooooo tired in the afternoon that I could have fallen asleep at my desk (didn't though, very important distinction), and due to slight "maybe someone actually wants to blow us up" paranoia I didn't manage to nap on the train either. So I napped when I came home instead. And after that it has actually been a rather nice evening. Regretting a tiny bit that I didn't go to the gym but I guess that's easy to say now that I'm not so worn out. Walked from Oslo central trough so at least I got moving a little bit.

Yeah and what more..? Hm...No I think I'm done. I can't be bothered to discuss this terror business anymore and we're moving on from feeling sorry for ourselves (yup, it's time for the big girl panties) so that we're not even touching with a ten foot pole. Which means though that I have said what I came to say. And probably a little more, as usual. Now I really am done though. Have a nice evening darlings! 

Pretty good works

Published 2014-07-28 12:26:00 in Randoms,

Hello loves. It's monday. A new week. They call it a fresh start. Or some do at least. In this case it would be good if those some where right. Last week was...well let's say that it had its ups and downs. Mildly speaking. I have amazingly amazing people around me though (I'm not actually sure if I can adequately express how grateful I am to have them and how much they mean to me - which is also a point of huge vulnerability since I know that my whole life is here while they have one back in Sweden, but let's not open that particular can of worms), so it'll all be good. This I am sure of.
Anyways. As I said. New week. Better week. They say that the temperature is going to be slighly closer to normal now, so that's something to be happy about (no I mean it, the situation at home was getting desperate). Also Stina will prpbably come to visit this weekend, if the whole terror thing is over (which it probably will be, it seems to be calming down already - knock-on-wood), and that's just awesome. Especially since people are leaving for vacation yet again (oh how I look forward to the end of august when everyone is finished with these damn vacations). So those are some things that makes this a completely okay monday. Oh yeah and we're getting a new roomie on Friday. That's exciting.
Yeah...and now I really must get back to work. Lunch is most definitely over and we have a lot to do, so I'd better get on with it. Have a nice one loves and I'll talk to you later.

No rest for the wicked

Published 2014-07-27 18:26:43 in Randoms,

Evening loves. How are you? I'm good. Slightly tired (as you can probably see), but good. It's slight less hot as balls today which I greatly appreciate, and I'm actually not that hungover.  Yeah cause we went out last night. I mean it's the weekend, you've gotta do something (last weekend I was home alone and that pretty much sucked so..). Anyways, it was fun. Got to bed at about half past five though, and got up at eleven this morning so I'm expecting to go to bed rather early tonight. Bur that's good I guess, seeing as I work tomorrow. If course, it's Monday. Yeah...and now I'm officially rambling so I think we're done here. Peace out darlings.

So about this terror threat business

Published 2014-07-26 10:04:44 in Randoms,

I don't know if you've all heard (tried to figure out how far the news has travelled but gave up due to heat-induced lack of energy), but there is some sort of terror threat against Norway at the moment. They don't know where, they don't know when and they have ni idea how, but apparently they are quite sure that something is going to happen. And that it's going to do so in the next couple of days. Which is the information they have broadcasted high and wild all over the newspapers.

So here is my take on the whole thing. For one the Swedish newspapers have, as Swedish newspapers tend to do, built up the whole situation to something ridiculous. There is no "horror in Oslo", and as far as the police that's suppose to be "everywhere" I've seem a couple but it's really not that much more than usual. Some people are scared I suppose, but it's not like the whole town is walking on its' toes or anything.

I'm actually not that afraid. And maybe that makes me naive, I don't know, but really I can't walk around thinking I might be blown up wherever I go. I mean I work at the airport and I have to go through the central station to even get home, there's no getting around that. Admittingly though, I did walk sort of fast through the central station yesterday, because I'm not frightened but I'm also not stupid. 

It's a strange situation actually. One I never thought I'd even have to talk about, because let's face it I frickin live in the deep north and who gives a shit about the deep north. Well apparently someone does. But I can't stop living for it. That just doesn't work. More than anything I am annoyed actually, because I hate it when people are nervous and I hate that small nagging feeling that told me to quicken my step through very public places yesterday when I got of the train from work. this was suppose to be a short post. Did not turn put that way. But whatever. This is my official position on the terror threats against my new home country, and now that I've told it we don't have to talk about it anymore. Have a nice one guys!

Update: Now it feels slightly like we're under attack. The town is sort of deserted and there're a lot more police. End of update.

If you're lucky

Published 2014-07-25 06:26:04 in Randoms,

Morning. It's Friday and thank the god I don't believe in for that. It's ridiculously earn. As usual. But I'm good though. Tired but good. In all honesty I actually don't have time to blog though, if I am to be completely hones , because I'm leaving I'm like ten minutes and I still have to brush my teeth and pack my lunch and bandage my chafed feet...but you know. I'm prioritizing. 

Really just wanted to pop in and say hi though. Which I have done now. So I suppose that means that we are done. I'm gonna stop now. Have a nice one folks!

Update: Almost missed the train because the station where I usually get on was closed. Had to start the morning running. No fun. End of update.



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