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Something to work on

Published 2014-10-19 14:36:20 in Exercise,

I wanted to work out today. So did Andreas. So we went running. He says it was about 6k. Yeah...I did not deliver in the running department. Sure maybe we opened a bit fast and maybe I should not have so much manly proud and just say something when I feel that it's s bit much, but at the end of the day my stamina is just not good enough. Sure I was able to follow the whole way, more or less (perhaps leaning more towards less) but I was unexpectedly and unacceptably tired. I'm thinking that I should probably try to include some running in my fitness routine...but we will see. I don't particularly love running. Or, well, I have some sort of love/hate relationship with it I should say. It's always great when it's done, you feel sort of accomplished, but during...I don't know about that. Every now and then it's fun, but to be able to run far I guess you have to do it a little more often than every now and then.

Yeah, and that was what I had to say at the moment I suppose. It's pretty much all that had happened since this morning. Sunday you know..

Sunday calm

Published 2014-10-19 10:03:04 in The madhouse, Food, Sunday,

Morning loves. It's Sunday, how are we feeling about that? I must say I'm feeling quite good about it. I mean sure it's not the most amazing day if the week, but one shouldn't complain. Or rather I shouldn't I suppose. There is so much greatness in my life, I really ought to be more in the moment and appreciate it. Yeah...and somewhere here I I think we're done, before I go all "analyzing my life and all my thought about it" on you guys. Have s great day.

Best. Breakfast. Ever.
Muesli, Russian yoghurt and berries (today: blueberries and raspberries). All mixed together. Try it and thank me for the awesomeness that is your first meal of the day.

Best. Roomie. Ever.
Or one if them of course. We're so many in the family (as everyone at work keeps pointing out), but some are a little more amazing than others.

October 18th, 2014

Published 2014-10-18 17:15:30 in The madhouse, Oslo,

Afternoon darlings. How are we doing? I'm quite great. Currently sitting in the window in the kitchen (yes I spend a fascinating amount of time in the kitchen, questions?) watching the boys make spinach soup. It's quite and experience actually, I've met few people in my 25 years of existence that put this much thought in to their cooking. I'm gonna get going with my own dinner soon, but I think I'm gonna wait s little...just because I can't be bothered to do it right now. Yeah, I'm on odd combination of very energetic and extremely lazy.

Anyways. What have I done today? Well me and Andreas went shopping, just a little bit (I actually did need a winter scarf, do at least that was a justifiable purchase), which was nice, and then me and Joel and Andreas (yup, they're my best bros you know) went to ICA just a little while ago. And that was that. Oh and I have started using my new phone, iPhone 6 plus, and so far I must say that I am very pleased. That's all. I'll be back when I have something of interest to add.




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