Moving forward

Publiserat 2014-09-29 20:19:29 i Randoms,

So I have news. Maybe not life changing or particularly revolutionary, so don't get too excited, but dill news. I got offered a permanent contrast at DHL today (as opposed to working with a recruiting company/employment agency/whatever one calls it). Obviously I'm gonna take it, a permanent contract is a huge sense of security and I'm also hoping that it will lead to the opportunities within the company, so yeah...a step forward. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is something to be happy about. Something fixed.

That was the news. It doesn't get...well more, or what should I say (?) at the moment. And I suppose that's fine. Building a somewhat less lost existence one step at a time. And you know what? Sitting here in the kitchen with Sofie, having been at the gym, showered and had dinner, I feel very much at peace. Calm even. And those of you that really know me, knows that calm is not always a feeling that can be attributed to me. At least not in my personal life. So that progress too I guess.

Yeah, and now this got all strange and deep and shit. It wasn't suppose to. Sorry about that. But I'm done rambling now. We will talk tomorrow. Have a great evening folks.

Back to reality

Publiserat 2014-09-29 07:23:28 i Randoms,

Morning. Monday again. I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared, eh...but now it's here so. Had a great weekend in Trollywood and feel at least somewhat rested (and these data it seems that somewhat is what I have so settle fur so ill take), so it's all good. Back on the diet too and meeting Sofie at the gym this afternoon, which feels pretty damn great. 9 weeks to go,  gonna look amazing. Yeah...and now I have to go through security so I suppose I'm done rambling. We will talk later. Have a good Monday folks.

En route

Publiserat 2014-09-26 14:57:10 i Randoms,

Afternoon folks. How are we? I'm good. I'm currently sitting on the train from work, eating a protein bar (well it's gone now) and...well no that's it. I'm not gonna sleep on the train today, because I'd like to sleep on the bus (2,5 hours gets boring). That's the plan, and seeing as it's ten minutes until I arrive at Oslo S I think it's gonna work.

The bus for Trollywood (as one can call it if one likes) leaves Oslo at ten to four, so it's not to long a wait. That was of course planned as well, because we all know how restless I get. Yup, and I think that was about it. We will talk.

Om mig



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