2013: A Magical Year

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So it's the last day of the year, and I suppose it's fitting to do a sort of sum-up. One could say, to put it short, that it's been a year unlike any other in my life. A truly magical one. I have done and seen and even felt so much that I had never done or seen or felt before; I have met more wonderful people than I can count and that I will remember forever; I have worked in a place where dreams come true and I have learned more about myself as a person than I thought possible in just a years time. I will go in to 2014 a stronger, more confident person, and we all know (I think) that I have the place with the castle above to thank for all of it.
Looking back at 2013 it's mostly about Disney, of course because I was there for 6,5 months and it made a huge impact on my life and on me, but there were other highlights as well. One of those were when we went to London in the spring (just a few weeks before I left for France actually). It was bloody freezing but still so nice, as family vacations always are, and it looked something like this:
We're not going to talk about the months before the trip and before France, because it was mostly unemployment and not a very happy time and I want this to be a happy post, since most of the year was (no that's not denial, it's a try to do a positive spin on things). And besides, I suppose a lot of you has been unemployed at one time or another (most people have) so I guess you already know what it's like. And so we can move on from that.
I'm not going to recap Christmas again because it has just passed, and recapping my stay in France doesn't seem necessary since I suspect that most of you were either there with me or are friends with me on Facebook and hence know pretty much everything anyways (yeah, I don't have a lot of readers except for my friends and family). But I suppose I will show you some pictures, just in case there are some you have missed (a very small selection though, because I have so many of them).

Yeah so some might have been sort of a loose interpretation of the word, but whatever. They're sort of I chronological order (not quite, but whatever) and looking at them I get all warm inside. It was such an amazing time, I will be forever grateful for the luck that made me apply for work at Disney. It was the best time of my life, each an every person I met taught me something and I will never be able to thank you enough for that but if you're reading this you should know that you all have my love and that I wish you nothing but happiness. 
Yeah and I think that that's a good way to summarize it. Over all an amazing year. I'm excited for what's to come in 2014 and I hope you all are too. And with that I am done and sending a mental hug to all of you. We'll talk...probably in the new year (will blog better in 2014). Have a great evening! 

Christmas: A retrospect

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Hello loves. It seems that we've had some kind of Christmas-hiatus, and in all honesty that seems like the good way to do it. Christmas is a time to be with the people you love, not hang around the internet, so that's what I have focused on. But the holidays are almost over now, so I'm back, and I suppose I will re-cap what's been going on a bit. Because it's been a truly great time and everyone should know that.
The 24th (that's when we do all/the major part of the celebrating in Sweden, I know that in some countries it's on the 25th too but we like to be different) everyone was at our house. And when I say everyone I mean everyone, my grandparents on both sides, my parents' siblings, my cousins...you get it. A lot of people. It was awesome. We've never had a Christmas with everyone at the same time before, but this year we went all out and it was the most amazing sort of chaos. My relatives really are cool. Oh and I got a lot of great gifts too.
The 25th, with is like the great day of homecoming is a "going out day" here. So true to form me, my sister and some friend of ours went out yesterday. I'm not sure if I've ever seen so much people out and about in our town...well at least not since last year on the 25th. It was real fun, and I met some old classmates (like really old, we went to the same class when we were like 16) which is always nice and...well it was a good evening/night over all. And I'm almost not hung-over at all either so that's fun too.
Yeah, and I think that was about what you've missed. So we'll stop here I suppose. Have a great day darlings.

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