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Morning lördag. Hur är formen folkens? Min är finfin. Eller ja, fin i alla fall. Piggare än man kunde förvänta sig, så kan vi nog sammanfatta det. Ja för vi var ute lite igår. Nej det var en lögn, vi var ute ganska mycket igår. Först var vi på Champagnerian (om det nu är någon Oslo-bo som läser detta och är intresserad), sen på Johns. Sen satt vi hemma i köket och tjötade en bra stund. Men likväl vaknade jag vid åtta. Det är ju lördag liksom. (För övrigt sjukt soft att gå ut på fredagar för nu har jag ju hela helgen framför mig liksom, as opposed to om man drar ut en lördag i och sen är bakis söndag och så är helgen över. Good plan Sofia.)

Ja och det var väl egentligen det. Har inga revolutionerande planer för dagen, måste storhandla och så lurar jag på att baka något (folk blir ju så glada då) men längre än så har jag inte kommit. Vi får väl se antar jag. Höres!

This drink is called Pornstar.

This person is called Sofie.

A little party never killed nobody

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Good morning loves. How are we doing this Sunday morning? Are we feeling just the way we deserve? I am happy but a little confused to rapport that I am not very hungover today either (sure a little headache but I took some aspirin as a preventive measure so it will be fine). It's a little odd to be honest, I have been expecting reality to catch up to me since yesterday morning, but of course no one is happier than me if it in face never does. All the fun, none of the reprecussions. 

Yeah, so that's that. In other words, the party last night was fun. There was a lot of wine, a lot of beer and a lot of laughs. Oh and they sang happy birthday to me like three times, so that was nice. I really love my Norwegian family, they are such awesome people. Never expected things to turn out this good, that's one thing that's for sure. Hm...that's all I think. For now. Sofia out.

Full disclosure clause: the wine in the picture does not in face belong to yours truly but was left behind and therefore drunk from at about half past two this night because at that time one absolutely needs to drink red wine straight from the bottle.

Work hard, play harder

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Morning loves. Or hello maybe, because perhaps it's not morning anymore. Technically. But I am still in my...well not jammies exactly but sort of, so in a way it's morning. Anyway, moving on. Sunday today, which I must say doesn't feel at all as crappy as it sometimes does. Actually it feels quite good. I mean a whole other day of weekend, what's not to love about that (yeah as you might notice we're trying a "glass half full" approach on things here, since they tell me that makes everything more fun).
Yeah so...Yesterday I went out with work on this sort of "pay day"-get-together. It was a lot of fun and very nice to see everyone outside of the "office" so to speak. We work hard you know (they might work a little harder than me but it's only my first week so give it a minute and I'll catch up) and so we've earned the right to play just a little bit harder. Which is what we did. An awesome evening and I'm not even hung-over today, something that's both great (of course) and a little surprising. Got in at about four tonight and woke up around ten this morning, all confused about the fact that I wasn't feeling like crap. But happy about it of course.
So I suppose that's it. I do not have any photos in case you were wondering (I mean I really don't, it's not a "I don't have any fit for print"-thing), so you'll have to make due without. And that was about it for me. We'll talk later or something. Have a nice Sunday darlings.

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