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I'm not gonna lie I'm not happy to be up at this ungodly hour. De som tror att man vaknar utvilad första morgonen efter en ledighet kan fan ta den övertygelsen and shove it where the sun don't shine för det är man då verkligen inte. Åtminstone är inte jag det. Hade en vision om att jag skulle se typ fräsch och pigg ut idag men ja...nej. Verkligheten är en annan. Mörka ringar under ögonen och hela paketet. Me in all my usual glory. Festligt. Eh...

Food is the most interesting part of the morning

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Gomorrn folkens. Hur har ni det? Jag vaknade nyss och ägnar mig åt den roligaste sysslan varje morgon, nämligen frukost (hade inte pallar gå upp på vardagar om jag inte ätit frukost, helt seriöst). Kollar även på Storage wars, om det var någon som var nyfiken på vad som var på tvn (ja den är alltid på). Det är sjukt grått och tråkigt ute men det snöar i alla fall inte idag så jag är nöjd. Typ. Hur som helst, ska återgå till min mat nu, vi hörs senare. 

Frukost idag: Ugnsrostad müsli från Pauluns med lättmjölk, rågbröd med brie och såklart kaffe (med kanel i, det är gott jag lovar). 


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Morning. I'm sitting in the kitchen having breakfast. The smell of coffee fills the room, it's sunny outside but not too warm inside and the light is trying to reach into the courtyard but not quite managing because the space is too narrow. The apartment is quiet,  no one else is up yet. It's just me, and it's nice. I feel calm, or as close to calm as I come (I'm fond of saying that I was born stressed but actually I think it's not so much stress as it is a naturally high pace - my mother is fond of saying that I had neither qualities when I was a small child but I suppose the world changed that, as the world do).
It's Sunday. I think it will be a good one. I've possibly said this before but I used to hate Sundays and I really don't anymore. The week will be a good one too. My favourite boys are coming back from vacation for example, that's something to look forward to. And I will take a real hold of my routines again. The last few weeks has been nice but it's been too little exercise (I'd like to do at least 4 times/week and that has just not happened lately, more like 2 or with a bit of luck 3) and too much just lazying around. No good comes out of that.
And if I am to be honest I am not having breakfast yet. Just coffee. And even if that is the most important part it is not quite enough even if it feels like it at the moment (some days I would give a lot to just live on coffee). So I suppose I should find something to eat too. Not the easiest task when having decided that the usual breakfast is perhaps getting a little boring, but they say that one should take on challenges in life big and small (and this I guess would be considered a very small one). Yeah, so I will do that. And we will talk later.

From Friday. Taken by Natalie.

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