What a day

Publiserat 2014-01-29 20:51:12 i Jobb, Randoms,

Like the headline says, What a day? We went back and forth to three different locations and it all sort of ended up all strange and not so awesome on my part. Thanks to really nice and supportive colleagues (I mean it, they are amazing) it was okay though, and now I am home and have gotten to eat and all so...yeah.

And well...I think that was about it really. I'm going to get back to my dinner and my gross of wine now (yes I am having wine on a Wednesday, it's been a long one and it's only one glass to give me a break here). We'll talk later.

On the road again

Publiserat 2014-01-29 11:03:09 i Jobb, Randoms,

Hello loves. We're on the road again. By car today, as you can probably tell by the not so awesome photo above. I think our destination is about one hour (or a little more) from Oslo, so we should be there pretty soon I think. Today we're going to be supe efficient, so that we can go home early (also it just feels so much better), that's what we have decided as a team and that's how it's going to be.

Yeah and aside from that I don't have a whole lot to rapport, so I suppose we can round it off here. Have a great Wednesday darlings and if you're tired just remember that when you've gotten through today the biggest part of the workweek is done. Sofia out.

At the moment

Publiserat 2014-01-28 17:34:10 i Randoms,

Hello loves. How's life? At my end it's good, I'm currently waiting to go home and have done quite good at work today so...you get it. Tired but over all one can't complain. When I come back to the apartment I'm going to cook salmon for dinner which is nice (no idea exactly I'll do with it but I guess we will see). 

Yeah so that's what's happening with me right now. Nothing more nothing less. And now (well about now) it seems that we are leaving so that's pretty awesome. We will talk later or tomorrow. Have a great evening folks. Sofia out.

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