"I'm fifty shades of f*cked up"

Publiserat 2014-09-05 18:06:02 i Böcker,

So I know I am terribly late to the party here (what can I say, I've been busy) but I just started reading Fifty shades of grey. Haven't gotten that far, about 160 pages (well 160 pages to be exact actually), but to sum up the experience I suppose one should be honest and say that it's basically porn, wrapped in a literary coat of respectability. Sort of. Not the best book to read when one is single and...well let's just call it frustrated (because I too, want to wrap things in a sort of respectability), but whatever. I'm suspecting that it would be better in English though, but the Swedish version is the one we have at home (or Patricia I should say, it's circulating in the home), so it'll have to do.

Yeah...and I suppose that is what I had to say. I might get back to you with my brilliant thoughts whence I've finished the whole thing, we will see. For now I will read a bit though. Have a nice Friday evening folks.

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