It's like there are big things ahead

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Evening darlings. What's up? I am bored. I have actually been bored for about half the day. Because we did all the things that we were suppose to do (and I met some friends at Disney as well, which was very nice) before like four o'clock. And the things we had to do included closing down our French bank-accounts and transferring all our money to Sweden, which means that they are now out of our reach while we wait for them to arrive in our Swedish accounts (where are they in the mean time? no one knows). So that's fun.
It's coming to an end now, we visited Auchan today (of course) and it was my last time, because I am working late my last two days and on Sunday it's closed (and on Monday we're leaving). A lot of that has gone on lately, doing things for the very  last time in France I mean. People around us are starting to say their goodbyes and thanking everyone that they have known here (I have written a post about this already, but it's not quite time for that yet you know) and it's like you can feel it in the air. The changing of the season. Everyone moving on. It's a melancholy but sort of great feeling. Somehow it's like there are big things ahead. I'm going to hold on to that.

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