I SHALL have order

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Morning loves. How are you? I'm good. Tired as fuck (which unfortunately can be seen in my face as well, makeup and all), but rather good. It was a fabulous weekend, of course since my family are fabulous people, and it's completely fine to be back at work. It's a ood job you know, it's really just the hours that wears me out a bit (I get up at half past five every day), but I will get used to that too eventually I expect. Or hope. Or expect. I'm not sure it's veyr early in the morning.
Anyways. It's a new week and even though people that do the whole thing "new week new chances" thing annoys me more than a little it's the way I am trying to see it. This week I WILL have order. It's enough with using being tired as an excuse not to work out and eat properly, it's just stupid and does nothing for me either (more than makes me feel even more tired and on top of it a little fat). So yeah, I will work a little extra still though, for the money, but I will also go to the gym after work at least four out of five workdays, for the general fintess level.
That is the plan. And I will see it through. I will have structure if it kills me.
Yup, and that is it. I will get back to playing detective (aka hunting for a social security number that does not want to be found) now. We will talk later darlings. Have a nice one.

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