May 31st

Publiserat 2014-05-31 12:22:34 i Randoms,

Morning darlings. Or well, before you say it, I know that it's not technically morning anymore, but I am having breakfast so therefore it seems appropriate. Got up at about half past eleven, and I must say that it was awesome to sleep in. For once. I can say for once because usually I get up around eight even when I can sleep in, since I am old now and feel perky at that hour. So...

I did not sleep for this long because I am hungover though, I think that should be said. We did go out for a little yesterday, but we got home at about half past one (two?), so you could say that it was a calm evening. But nice though. It's always pleasant to get out of the apartment a little. Must try to do that today too. Get out of the apartment that is, not drink I wine because quite frankly I don't have the cash for that. Yeah...anyways. I'm gonna get back to doing nothing now, we will talk later.

Om mig



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