Doing your civic duty

Publiserat 2014-08-30 16:03:42 i Randoms,

Voting is not just a right and a privilege, it's also a duty. This I firmly believe, a world view that a no doubt have inherited from my parents, and so I have been to vote today. It wasn't a hard choice really, picking the party that got my vote. I've known since I was very young what kind of society I want for myself and for everyone I love. It's a matter of ideologies for me. So yeah, it took me like five minutes. (And in case someone is curious and because I don't think it's a secret: the social democrats gets my vote. I'm a socialist at heart,always  will be.)

Yup, and that's that for now. I'm gonna get back to mine now and let you guys get back to yours. We will talk later.

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