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Evening loves. What are we up to this Tuesday? I am not doing very much, just hanging out with my roomies, basically. Have not done that the whole day though, if that was what you were thinking. Today I have worked at a daycare center (is that really the word for it? I have pondered this quite a lot but not come up with something better). It's pretty much my main work these days. It was nice, small children really are amazingly cute and not very hard to handle at all.

Yeah and after work I went to the gym (I bought a gymcard yesterday, did I tell you?), which was rather exhausting but still very nice. I have missed the gym, I really have, and of course it helps with the motivation knowing that the summer comes to Norway too in a not so distant future and it's always nice to feel a little more comfortable in a bikini. So...that's about it I suppose. I'm gonna stop rambling now. Sofia out.

Key West.

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