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Morning folks. How are we doing? I'm good. Woke up at eight, as usual on Saturdays, and guess what I am currently doing..? If you guessed sitting in the kitchen, you guessed right. I'm gonna get a hold of myself soon tough, because I'm going voting today and I m not gonna show up there looking like...well me. 

Anyways. Yesterday me and Natalie and the guy she's seeing (plus some more people) went to drink cheep bear at Ringnes. Because we're such beer people I mean. Yeah.. It was fun. Calmer for some (me) than others, but fun. I didn't want to be hungover today so I didn't have a whole lot, and the goal was achieved. No hangover.

Yup, and that was that. I'm gonna...well continue to hang out in the kitchen I guess. We will talk later. Have a nice one folks.


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